January 2016 Newsletter

2015 Year in Review


  • Finished Rawson II Pond with handicap fishing platforms, bridge to island. Thanks to the Bishop Lions Club.

  • AAPL members continue maintaining the Guzzlers in the Inyo Mountains. For those that would like to help contact Doug Brown at 760-937-7963.
  • Warm water fishing maps are finished and are available at the Bishop Chamber building and are also will be distributed at the Fred Harvey Show.


  • January 22nd, Inyo County Board of Supervisors approved Adventure Trails for 7 routes.
  • July 14th a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held in front of the Inyo County Courthouse with a field trip ride up Mazourka Canyon.
  • August 3 of the 7 routes were completed with the remaining 4 routes waiting for DWP approval.

In November we lost our Commander and Chief Mr.Dick Noles to cancer. As you know that Dick was very instrumental in both of the non-profits organizations. He will be dearly missed. We have to move on and keep Dick’s dream alive. We have a lot of work ahead of us. In December we elected new board members for both organizations. The Board Members are:


President………. Sam Dean: 760-387-2193

Vice President…. Randy Gillespie: 760-920-1701

Secretary……….. Linda Arcularius: 760-937-2486


Adventure Trails

President………. Randy Gillespie: 760-920-1701

Vice President…. Sam Dean: 760-387-2193

Secretary……….. Linda Arcularius: 760-937-2486


Projects for 2016


Sanders Pond tulies is to get burned by DWP this January. Community volunteers will dig out the pond to remove the tulies and muck. The Lions club will be building a Handicap Fishing platform and we will be installing the first of the Wounded Warriors Kayak Launch Ramp/Dock.

  • AAPL members will continue with meetings for approximately 30 future Wounded Warriors Kayak Launch Ramps/Docks in Inyo and Mono Counties.
  • Members of AAPL will be installing a Memorial at the Bishop City Park in memory of Dick Noles. This memorial will be a water feature at the parks pond. We will contact all members for the dedication ceremony.


Poleta Grant:

Members will be working on a project funded by the State OHV Division in the Poleta open area at the end of East Line St. The project consist of adding gravel the parking area; putting in a potable toilet; doing some much needed maintenance to the trail system; fixing signage and reproducing more maps.

Cowboy Kiosk Grant:

Members will be placing 30 more Cowboy Kiosks from south of Big Pine to Lone Pine. These confidence markers are place on County Roads to help the public navigate the area off road and will correlate with the CTUC maps. The State OHV Division also funds this grant.

The Poleta project will be manage by Greg Weirick (760-937-4849)

The Cowboy Kiosk project will be manage by Glenn Clark (760-258-6888)

Anyone wishing to help us on any of these projects please contact the project manager or either Sam Dean or Randy Gillespie.

Please renew your memberships!

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AAPL is a 501c4 non-profit organization. ATS is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Posted on March 8, 2016 .